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Aircraft Sales

Once you give us the basic criteria for the aircraft you require, we can handle all the phases of the acquisition process while staying in close touch with you for your input during each step.

  • Sourcing
  • Prepurchase Inspection (at non-biased, independent facilities)
  • Title Search / FAA Registration
  • Annual Inspections / STC Installations / Modifications
  • Export C of A (if required)
  • International Delivery (Crating or Tanking / Ferry)

We offer you a fair worldwide market representation of your aircraft—sorting out the real prospects from the "tire kickers." We'll handle all phases of the sale process on your behalf if desired. Should any mechanical issues arise in the sales process, we are well qualified to advise you regarding the best options. This is due to our extensive background in parts supply.

With the exception of heavy airline equipment and military applications, we deal with most types of aircraft:

  • Single Engine Piston (Land and Amphib.)
  • Multi-Engine Piston
  • Commuter Piston and Turbine
  • Corporate Piston and Turbine
  • Executive Jet
  • Sport / Aerobatic
  • Helicopter
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